Wrongful Death

The death of a loved one is a very difficult and unfortunate event to deal with.  If a loved one is killed tragically in an accident it can be even more difficult to deal with because of the suddenness of it all.  When that accident is caused by someone else’s negligence the family of the loved one is usually entitled to damages.

It may seem illogical to some people to seek money in return for the death of a loved one - there is no way to put a price tag on someone’s life.  This is the only form of retribution available, however, and can help to ease the burden of the death.  Families can seek damages for expenses related to the death (medical bills, funeral, grief counseling), pain and suffering, lost income, etc.  We understand there is nothing we can do to absolve the pain related to the death of a loved one, but we can help you through this difficult time.